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Script Analysis and Project Scoring

With our seasoned and highly experienced script readers who form the analytics evaluation team, we help to determine if the appropriate tone and language has been used in the script and to know the screenplay’s true quality before it is linked with producers or investors who may be interested in the project.

Access to Investor Network

We make the funding of movie production seamless by providing a pool of investors and financiers across the world that are interested in financing creativity.

Performance Management /Completion Bond

Based on our commitment to ensure the success of the movie production, we ensure that all the stages in the film production process meets the end goal in an effective and efficient manner.

Industry Partnerships

Talent partners with a wide variety of industry experts ranging from project financers to producers, filmmakers, talent, sales agents and distribution executives.

Back Office, Settlement & Collections

This is an essential part of Talent. We ensure visibility into the collection of revenues for any project financed through our platform.


About us

Dream Boldly

Talent Exchange and Infrastructure Limited (Talent) is a Media and Entertainment investment platform. We aim to drive a seamless collaboration between creatives and their investors. Through the use of analytics and behavioral science, we find the best projects to empower producers, filmmakers, investors and distributors to create the best African content that will capture the hearts of the people worldwide. We are building a community based on trust, collaboration and innovation. Our selection process shortlists trusted and competent content creators and matches them with the right investors.

Our Mission

To enable creators dream boldly and shape the world through their stories. We also seek to provide investors/financiers with attractive and above average real return on investment.

A Platform Cooperative

Talent Exchange is a platform cooperative. A trust, collaboration and innovation Infrastructure. Value created on the platform is shared with creatives and their customers.